Nature Nate’s raw organic honey


Raw, unfiltered and certified USDA organic, this honey is from Brazil & Uruguay.

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並非所有養蜂人都是平等的。Nature Nate’s 支持有遠見的人-保護和照顧蜜蜂及其蜂巢,而不僅僅是從中獲利。他們甚至向養蜂人提供免費測試,以確保蜜蜂不接觸常用的農藥,除草劑或抗生素。多虧了這些值得信賴的養蜂人,Nature Nate’s 的蜂蜜才能帶給您純正的美感。


Not all beekeepers are equal. Nature Nate’s support the ones who have great vision – to protect and take care of bees and their hives, not just profit from them. They even provide free testing to beekeepers to ensure the bees have not been exposed to commonly used pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics. That’s what you get with Nature Nate’s honey – pure, unadulterated goodness, thanks to these trusted beekeepers.

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